Matt Klein is a strategist at sparks & honey, a NY-based consultancy, which leverages human and data science to make sense of radical changes in culture. Here, Klein has become a rare specialist with his ability identify patterns in culture and devise effective future-proofed business strategies.

From bringing SpongeBob to the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show, to helping a +$40B insurance client develop and market new industry-changing products, Klein is a “cultural whisperer” knowledgable of all trends impacting Gen Z to Boomers, and industries from Wellness to Entertainment. By layering and triangulating market financials, social conversations, ethnographies, media analyses, and social sciences, Klein helps brands visualize and navigate potential futures, ultimately impacting their bottom lines.

Recognized as rising expert in the field, Klein was nominated and accepted into Omnicom's Emerging Stars, a highly-selective program further accelerating the brightest emerging talent throughout Omnicom's +1,500 global agencies and +70,000 employees.

Throughout his relatively short tenure, Klein has already worked intimately with clients including Google, Amazon, Humana, AB-InBev, Verizon, Land's End, Univision, HUGO Boss, Capital One, MetLife, Microsoft, HP, PepsiCo, Planned Parenthood, HBO, Johnson & Johnson and the US Department of Defense. His expertise spans industries and capabilities including business consulting, primary research, trend forecasting, brand strategy and user experience.

His marketing observations have led him to contribute to publications including TechCrunch, The Atlantic, Cheddar TV, Elite Daily, The Street, Business Insider, The Times, and Virgin, while his insights have been shared and quoted by the likes of Ev Williams, Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington. Klein is also the Editor and Chief of "On Advertising", Medium's largest publication regarding all things marketing.

Further, Klein volunteers and applies his marketing expertise toward the non-profit sector, working with organizations including Taproot, DEFY Ventures and The Center of Humane Technology.

Attending Franklin & Marshall College, Klein studied Psychology and Film & Media studies, and focused on emerging online behavior and its implications for both identity construction and business. His breakthrough experimental research on the psychological motivators of sharing viral ads, refuted past research and rewarded him Academic Honors Distinction and entry into R/GA NY's prestigious apprenticeship program, where he began his career.

Today, Klein is also the Founder of PRSNL Branding, a boutique agency, leveraging modern marketing strategies to help emerging professionals brand themselves and stand out in their job application process. His company broke profit within its first year of operations, and was accepted into the Founders Institute, the world's largest pre-seed accelerator. PRSNL continues to consult with professionals from around the world and across industries, advancing their careers.

When he's got a second he's studying wine, drumming, watching a documentary, in hot yoga or cycling. Klein currently resides in NYC, but can be found everywhere online as @KleinKleinKlein.

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