CyberPsychology + Cultural Analysis + Business Consulting

Strategist researching culture and analyzing the relationship between people and the internet to consult with businesses. Founder of PRSNL Branding, advising professionals on their online presence. Franklin & Marshall alum now living in NYC and online.

Heyyyyyy, I'm Klein, a strategist and academic at heart, fascinated with the relationships between mind, behavior, technology, culture and business.

I am currently a Strategist at sparks & honey, a cultural consultancy based out of NYC. Here, I help large organizations to television producers decode culture in order to make significant business decisions. By layering market financials, social conversations, survey results, media analyses, social sciences and more, I’m able to help brands visualize and navigate the future of culture.

With experience developing digital and brand strategies for clients including Verizon, Google, Amazon, Budweiser, Microsoft, Capital One, HBO, Warby Parker and Planned Parenthood, my marketing expertise spans across business verticals and methodologies.

My skill set includes qualitative and quantitative research (ethnographies, survey design and analysis), market research (secondary, competitor and financial analysis), social media strategy (paid, social listening, community management), brand development, business consulting, trend forecasting, creative production, user experience and identifying cultural and human insights.

After studying Psychology and Film & Media Studies at Franklin & Marshall College and earning honors for my breakthrough research in emerging online behavior, I've since been fascinated with the role technology is playing in our lives for both better and worse. My senior experimental research thesis explored the intersection of virality and self-presentation, refuting past established academic research and shining light on why we share viral videos and what it means for our identity.

I am also the Founder of PRSNL Branding, the boutique, full-service agency for professionals' online presence. PRSNL provides materials and consultancy to creatively, professionally and strategically position yourself across the social web. With what we can learn about someone online without ever meeting them, I’m helping professionals establish and enhance their digital identity.

When I’ve got a second, I'm watching documentaries, in downward dog, drumming, cycling or studying wine. I’m always open to connecting and learning about work and volunteer opportunities.

Let's do coffee or drinks? Shoot me a note…